About Object Technology Institute, Inc.

OTI is founded in 2002 by Hiroki Kamata, renowned technology analyst, newsletter editor, strategy consultant, and author, directly inheriting his previous involvements with Soken Planning, Co., Ltd. (1980-1999) and OMG Japan Inc. (2000-2002). OTI’s mission is to promote the use of model-driven engineering (MDE) to better control the complexity of the world by providing key technical intelligence to the industry users and policy makers. OTI publishes EBook2.0 Forum, EBook2.0 Magazine, and Object Report Newsletter as well as market and technology reports on model-driven technologies. OTI has organized technology conferences and seminars targeted high-level professionals, including UML Forum, LiMTec, and MDA Technology Forum (MTF) series of seminars since 2002. Until July 2007, Hiroki Kamata with OTI had represented the Object Management Group (OMG) in Japan for 16 years.

Hiroki Kamata

Founder & President of Object Technology Institute, Inc.

Hiroki Kamata is a renowned IT industry visionary with 25+ years experience as an analyst, consultant, marketer, publisher, author, and speaker. He has been President of OTI since January 2003 when he inherited and renamed OMG Japan, Inc., Japanese branch of the Object Management Group, where he had worked also as President from August 2000.

Before OMG Japan, he was a founder and president of Soken Planning Co., Ltd. for 20 years and actively involved with the introduction of new information technologies and services, including PC, database, electronic publishing, data communication, and the object technology. He helped foreign companies starting Japanese operation and represented OMG for 16 years from 1991 to 2007. Before started Soken Planning, he worked for a marketing company and a policy think tank, Institute for Policy Sciences, Japan where he was engaged as a researcher in policy studies including, environment, science and technology, and international relations. He has no academic career since he quit Waseda University. He can be reached at: hiroki_kamata [at] otij.org

His activities include such areas:

As a market researcher and analyst, he conducted lots of market/technology surveys including PC, Database, Corporate Electronic Publishing, Distributed Middleware, UML/MDA, SysML. He worked as a consultant to foreign companies and helped in localization strategies, partnership, marketing, etc. Customers include such companies as Apple, Adobe, IDG, Interleaf, Ziff Davis.

As a newsletter publisher and Editor, he produced such titles as InfoLink (1985-86), Electronic Publishing Report (1989-92), Object Report (1992-2002). June 2007, he launched a Web-based Object Report newsletter. He also writes columns and essays regularly on “INTELOGUE.COM”.

He wrote 3 books, Electronic Publishing (1993), Intranet (1996), and Digital Eccentrics (2000). His numerous articles and columns cover broad concerns including technology, market, economy, and public policy. He has been active also as a translator of books and articles, including Business Engineering with Objects (Taylor, 1992), Essential CORBA (Mowbray, 1993), and Object Analysis and Design (Hutt, 1996). One of his English articles on Japanese software industry (1989) is available here.

He also has a long career as a producer of IT industry conferences including, DIGICOM (1986), CEPS Japan (1988-89), Object World/Tokyo(1992-1996), UML Forum/Tokyo(2001-05)、LiMTec (2006), MDA Technology Forum(2002-), and UML Robot Contest (2002-4).